We are open!

We’re happy to report that we have minimal damage from Hurricane Ian and are open for business. Are thoughts with those who have suffered losses.

PS, you can help our community by donating to the Hurricane Relief Fund at CharlotteCF.org

Jennifer is one of those rare people you run across ever once in a while. Professionalism , and knowledge is expected of an attorney but she has that extra quality that makes dealing with the difficult issues she solves for me most pleasurable. I give a problem to her and I get back a resolution. No muss no fuss and without me having to worry or spend my time making sure it gets done. Along the way while solving my problem she keeps me informed to the level I expect which is more than I can say of many attorneys. Her billing estimates are always spot on and she always delivers more than expected. Once, and only once, and it was my staffs mistake not Jennifer’s, there was an issue with a title. I discovered it and when I asked Jennifer to fix it she put it at the head of her tasks and even though it was my fault, not hers, she refused to accept any payment for the resolution. Wow! Don’t find this level of service everywhere. I highly recommend Ms. Mantoni.