Benefits of Flat Fees for Uncontested and Contested Evictions and Better Fee Arrangements

Mantoni Legal’s flat fee structure and better fee arrangements for evictions helps promote settlement opportunities for manufactured housing communities / mobile home park owners and their Tenants. Understandably, a property owner wants to recoup their financial losses, and be made whole, in order to consider allowing a non-paying Tenant to stay in the community after an eviction proceeding has started. This means that the property owner wants to recover the past due and owing rent, as well as the attorney's fees and costs the community has had to incur in commencing the eviction process. Mantoni Legal’s better fee arrangements, and cost conscious approach to case resolution, helps make settlement with the Tenant possible. This is so, because once faced with an eviction, many Tenants are able to come up with the past-due rent, as well as the attorney’s fees and costs the community has spent in utilizing Mantoni Legal, since our eviction rates are fixed and manageable.

Tips for Managing Evictions in Manufactured Housing Communities

Don’t Forget Settlement is Possible After the Eviction Lawsuit is Filed

Sometimes Property Managers / Mobile Home Park Owners forget that settlement is possible after the Eviction complaint is filed. In fact, often this is an ideal way to get your Tenant to pay all of the past due rent, attorney's fees and costs, thereby earning their right to stay in the community. Contact Mantoni Legal to find out how to routinely effectuate these types of settlement opportunities.