An inability to obtain identifying information to the Manufactured Home is often a dilemma faced by new Park Owners, or newly acquired Parks. Remember, after the Eviction is complete on a tenant-owned home, the Community must obtain Title to the Property through the Abandoned Property Process. Completion of the Eviction itself, does not mean that Title to a tenant-owed Home automatically transfers into the Park’s name. It is critical for the Community to obtain and keep track of identifying information to the Homes located in their Park, such as the Identification Number, Decal, and/or Title Number. Not only is this information critical to properly preparing Rent Demands and Eviction lawsuits, but it is also important to facilitate Title transfer into the Park’s name after the Eviction is complete.  Mantoni Legal can help the Park obtain the Manufactured Home information, and also help complete Title transfer after the Eviction.