Why Mantoni Legal?

Why Have Mantoni Legal Prepare the Rent Demands to Mobile Home Park / Manufactured Housing Community Tenants?

A Property Manager / Mobile Home Park Owner may be tempted to prepare their own Rent Demands to non-paying and late-paying Mobile Home Park Tenants. However, there are numerous ways in which a mistake, even a seemingly minor mistake, can render the Rent Demand unenforceable, and jeopardize the entire eviction proceeding. Mantoni Legal is experienced in preparing Rent Demands that comply with Florida Law and meet the specific needs of the Mobile Home Park / Manufactured Housing Community. For a minimal flat fee, Mantoni Legal will prepare your Rent Demand and, in the majority of instances, have the Rent Demand delivered back to the Property Manager or Park Owner for same day or next day posting. Having Mantoni Legal prepare your Rent Demands will let your Mobile Home Park Tenants know that you are serious about collecting the past-due rent, and when utilized habitually; that is, on a month-to-month-basis, Tenants will get in the habit of paying when the Rent Demand arrives at their door, otherwise, the Tenants will learn that they face possible eviction from the Mobile Home Park.