Tips for Florida Property Management Companies and Owners of Manufactured Housing Communities / Mobile Home Parks

Send Rent Demands Each Month to Late Paying Mobile Home Park / Manufactured Housing Community Tenants:

It is critical to the stability of a Manufactured Housing Community / Mobile Home Park for Property Managers and Park Owners to create a habit of sending monthly Rent Demand Letters to late-paying Mobile Home Park Tenants, as soon as the deadline to pay expires. For example, if Tenants have until the fifth (5th) day of each month to pay rent, the Property Manager / Mobile Home Park Owner should be ready to contact Mantoni Legal on the sixth (6th) day of the month with all the past due accounts, which Mantoni Legal refers to as “Intakes.” Mantoni Legal works diligently with Property Managers / Mobile Home Park Owners in reviewing the Intakes and preparing Rent Demands for posting the day after receipt, and often, the same day. If the Property Managers / Mobile Home Park Owners are not on-site to handle the postings, Mantoni Legal has relationships with reliable process servers throughout Florida who can post on their behalf.